Real Avid Gun Tool AMP 1911

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Includes both Government and Officer barrel bushing wrenches, a full array of 1911 related bits and implements with a fold-out driver. Punches, picks, scrapers, wrenches and an innovative hex key storage feature in a compact kit that can go anywhere you do.
Transformative Design Combines Multi-Tool Bit Driver And Holster

1) 2.6″ Drop Point Knife Blade
2) Premium Titanium & Black Oxide Finishes
3) Laser Sight/Trigger Adjustment Hex Keys:
4) .028″, .035″, .050″, 1/16″
5) Mainspring Housing Pin Punch
6) Tap Hammer
7) Government Profile Bushing Wrench (Officer Profile Barrel Wrench On The Reverse Side)
8) Flat Carbon Scraper
9) Metal File
10) Pick
11) Nut Wrenches
12) 4 mm, 5 mm, 1/4″, 5/16″
13) Bottle Opener
14) Stainless Steel Tools are Easy to Access and Lock in Place

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