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The Roedale Deltabrake is a high-performance muzzle brake. It reduces recoil, muzzle lift and rifle twist during shooting. Machined from heat-treated stainless steel, finished in a tough, corrosion-resistant coating. It comes with a locating ring which enable simple indexing to the 12 c'clock possition without the need for crush washers, it also comes with a knurled thread protector ring. The locating ring can be fastened with a 21mm spanner and the Deltabrake with a 17mm spanner. 

The Roedale Deltabrake also serves as an adapter mount for our Delta Sound Moderators. Enabling the user to swap one Delta Sound Moderator between several rifles of the same bore size and different muzzle thread sizing by fitting all the rifles with Deltabrakes.


  • Provides rock-solid sound moderator attachment in seconds without tools
  • Precise tolerances provide minimal and consistent zero shift regardless of number of attach/detach cycles
  • Acts as high-efficiency muzzle brake when suppressor is removed
  • Extreme resistance to heat and gas/particle erosion
  • Installation requires no permanent modifications to most weapons

AR15 type rifles and many other firearms with 1/2x28 muzzle threads


  • Thread: 1/2x28
  • Material: High quality ordnance grade steel
  • Standard Finish: Hardenend, trommeled, glaspearled and PVD coated
  • Complete length: 55.5mm 
  • ø: Brake 22.8mm - Locknut 25.5mm
  • Total weight: 88g
  • Caliber upto 6.5/.260 or smaller. No caliber specific hole for smaller caliber
  • Can be drilled out for bigger calibers (max. cal. 11.5/.45) 

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