Roedale Delta Pro X 50 S6

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Roedale Delta Pro X 50 S6 Modular Moderator

The Delta Pro X 50 S6 Sound Moderator is a very compact design. It is one of the most efficient sound moderators in the world. Designed for use on hunting rifles it achieves more than excellent sound reduction. Infact with only 49% to 70% of the weight (depending on model) it achieves the same or better dB reduction as the leading models manufactured in Norway, Finnland and USA.  With a reduction in peak noise between 24 and 30dB the Delta Pro X 50 S6 complies with German, British and EU Health & Safety  / Noise emmissions regulations. In standard form it is fitted with four baffles, 6 SX baffles. The number of baffles can be increased allowing this sound moderator to be used with more powerfull calibers. The Baffles are 18mm long and weigh apporx. 40g. They are also available as accessories. The total length of the Pro X S6 moderator is only 236mm extending the rifle length by only 176mm and the diameter is 50mm. These high quality moderators are manufactured from the best quality materials and are hard coated to a superlative standard. They are chosen by hunters due to thier light weight, compact design end effective noise reduction. The weight of only 420g has no negative influence on the ergonomics or balance of the rifle at all.  Designed, developed and manufactured in Designed, developed and manufactured in Germany for use by hunters who require excellent sound reduction, minimum weight and compact size. Optimised for rifles in cal: .17/4.5mm, .223/5.56mm, .243/6mm, 260/6.5mm, 280/7mm, .30/7.62mm.

    -  Manufacturer: Roedale
    -  Country of Manufacture: Germany
    -  Design: Modular
    -  Series: Delta Pro X 50
    -  Model: S6
    -  Length: 236mm
    -  Diameter: 50mm
    -  Weight: 420g

Thread: 1/2x20UNF / 1/2x28UNEF / M13x1 / M14x1 / M15x1 / 5/8x24UNEF / M17x1 / M18x1 / M22x1.5 / Spigot and Non Standard threads are available on special order

Components: 1x Expansion Chamber inner and outer tube - 4x S Baffles - 1x Endcap - 1 Delrin bush

Suitable Caliber:  .17/4.5mm, .223/5.56mm, .243/6mm, 260/6.5mm, 280/7mm, .30/7.62mm

Sights: Open sights must be removed to fit

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