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AMP Induction Annealer Machine

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AMP cartridge casing machine

ANNEALING MADE PERFECT has been designed to eliminate human error during the annealing phase, giving you the assurance of accurate and repeatable results every time. The Annealing Made Perfect annealing oven is immediately ready for use, without the need to mount external components. To be used, no instrument will be needed, except for the specific supports (not supplied) aimed at inserting the case in the machine. A USB cable is also supplied.
When software updates are available, the software can be inserted into the door on the left side of the annealing furnace to connect it to the computer.
The annealing furnace has preloaded programs for each caliber of case.
Nickel-plated brass casings can also be used. In general, the programs are based on three variables: caliber, brand and thickness of the collar walls. Be sure to select the correct program based on your cartridge. The program number can be changed using the two buttons located near the screen. Supplied with the machine are n ° 3 pilot for the following calibres: 308 W, 6.5x47 Lapua, 284 W.
To hold the cartridge case in place and do not burn yourself when removing it from the machine, a brass shell holder is provided.
On this we will insert a traditional press shell holder.
Separately, bushings can be purchased for all calibers, from 222 to 50 BMG.

The kit includes:
- power cable
- brass grip
- dust cover
- operator manual

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